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Tomfoolery Saves Christmas

9 Dec - 24 Dec

Join Tomfoolery on a journey of fun, elves and funky dancing and even, maybe, the chance to see someone very special.

Tomfoolery Saves Christmas

It's the night before Christmas and all through the house... Tomfoolery is making a complete and utter mess!

Tom's just busy minding his own business, when all of a sudden, he begins to receive emails which should be sent to Father Christmas. And the emails are all from children asking for presents! This can't be right. What should Tom do? He needs to help save Christmas!

Join Tomfoolery on a journey of fun, elves and funky dancing and even, maybe, the chance to see someone very special.

Described by parent blogger Mudpie Fridays as 'lovely to hear the infectious laughter of dozens of kids all at once. We loved it so much!"

Tuesday 12th December 10.30am
Wednesday 13th December 10.30am
Thursday 14 December 10.30am

Group (10+) Discount Available & Teachers on duty go FREE! 
Call our Box Office on 01403 750220 to book any of these!

Sat 9 Dec11:00AMStudioBook
Sat 9 Dec2:30PMStudioBook
Sun 10 Dec11:00AMStudioBook
Sun 10 Dec2:30PMStudioBook
Tue 12 Dec10:30AMStudioBook
Wed 13 Dec10:30AMStudioBook
Thu 14 Dec10:30AMStudioBook
Fri 15 Dec10:30AMStudioBook
Sat 16 Dec10:30AMStudioBook
Sat 16 Dec1:00PMStudioBook
Sat 16 Dec4:00PMStudioBook
Sun 17 Dec11:00AMStudioBook
Sun 17 Dec2:00PMStudioBook
Tue 19 Dec11:00AMStudioBook
Tue 19 Dec5:15PMStudioBook
Wed 20 Dec5:15PMStudioBook
Thu 21 Dec11:00AMStudioBook
Thu 21 Dec5:15PMStudioBook
Fri 22 Dec11:00AMStudioBook
Fri 22 Dec2:00PMStudioBook
Fri 22 Dec5:15PMStudioBook
Sat 23 Dec10:30AMStudioBook
Sat 23 Dec1:30PMStudioBook
Sat 23 Dec5:00PMStudioBook
Sun 24 Dec11:00AMStudioBook
Sun 24 Dec1:30PMStudioBook
Sun 24 Dec4:00PMStudioBook

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